Dr. Sara Ayres has been providing referral surgery in Simcoe County since 2003. Dr. Ayres completed a fellowship in surgical oncology in 2001. Surgical procedures include, but are not limited to simple and complex tumor removals, brachyephalic airway surgery, total ear canal ablation, urogenital surgery, patellar luxation, and fracture repair.

At Mapleview Animal Clinic, we offer a “boutique” referral surgery service. All surgeries are performed by Dr. Sara Ayres. Dr. Ayres will spend time with your client before surgery to ensure that all of their concerns are addressed and will review all treatment recommendations with your client prior to discharge. You will receive a complete case summary following discharge. In many instances, we can offer your client a consultation and surgery on the same day, reducing travel time. We also offer a flexible surgery schedule, providing referral surgeries Monday through Friday.

Please complete the Request for Surgical Referral form (under the Referral Surgery tab).

We want to reassure you that all patients are seen by veterinary referral only. We have all clients sign a consent form that indicates that they are attending Mapleview Animal Clinic for referral services only and that general veterinary care will not be provided.

*I am not currently accepting cruciate referrals*